Spring Training Report: Day One

Nationals vs. Astros, March 7, 2014, Space Coast Stadium

Nationals vs. Astros, March 7, 2014, Space Coast Stadium

The first day at Space Coast Stadium was a chilly affair with blustery winds, but some hot Nats bats were keeping us warm.  The sweet thud of foul balls on the tin roofs over the cheap seats were like a drum beat for an army off to battle for NL contention.  The Astros put up a fight, but our boys had their number, which was #6.  That was the number of runs we put up in the first inning alone, punctuated by Harper’s 3 run shot that fought the trade winds and Osprey attacks on its way out of the park.

We at HSJ are laser focused on interpreting the fan experience for all of you still suffering cabin fever and polar vortexes.  Space Coast Stadium is all we hoped it would be.  A cozy, intimate affair that can’t be found anywhere else in the MLB.  We truly hope the front office and the town of Viera can find a way to make this charming venue a permanent home for the Nats.  In the stands, a nicer band of comrades could not be found in all the Grapefruit League.  Our seatmates were a warm, congenial bunch; quick with restaurant suggestions and nightlife tips in the Viera/Melbourne megalopolis.

Now that we’re here, we’re ready to get to work.  Here’s a little taste of what’s on tap this weekend:

Paul will be offering a full report on the so-called “Monument Dog” which is about the most pornographic-looking foodstuff we’ve ever encountered at any park.  A caption contest will follow on Twitter today, so head’s up folks…”head” being the operative word.

Tom was disappointed to hear that “Take on Me” has followed the team to Spring Training as the 7th inning stretch anthem.Come on, people!  That was Michael Morse’s walk up track before he split for Seattle, and now he’s moved on to the Giants, and we’re still singing his Swedish-ass song?  We can do better.  We will do better, and this season, we intend to put the call out to the fans for a fitting replacement.  Suggestions are welcome, and we encourage you to read our explainers on the controversy, and the failure of the Nats’ Park soundtrack.

Skip will be training his binocs on Livo, and taking us all on an historical journey into the short but colorful history of the Nats franchise as it grew to greatness, from Expos to NL East champs.  He also hopes to sit poolside with his laptop and a few “dark and stormy” cocktails to touch up his Tim Raines biopic screenplay.  Coming soon to a theater near you.


And finally, B.A. Luzzatto, whose ankle exploded after taking a “Bad Grandpa” spill on an icy sidewalk, is off his pain meds and is high on baseball.  All the pins and plates in his ankle make him bionic, and whisk him through airport security, although he came damn close to a cavity search.  Doctors insist he needs to keep his ankle elevated above his heart, which has lead to some less than graceful seating contortions in the stands, and a few spilled beers.

We’ve attempted to make contact with John and Kyle in Media Relations, and thank their friendly staff for all of their kind assistance.  We’ll be knocking on their door before game time for advice on how to navigate our road to press access in this, our inaugural year.  We have much to learn, but the force is strong with us, and we have endless faith in you, dear reader!

We’re on the lookout for a new fan of the week, so let your fan flag fly!  Now, bring on those Braves!  Play Ball!!!

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