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Four Nats fans.  One blog to unite them all.  Our only mission is to make Half Street Journal a blog we would want to follow as Nats fans.


PAULIEBOLOGNAArkansas Razorback, reformed Cardinal, married to a DC native.  Paul’s specialty is eating and drinking his way through ballparks.  The Fourth of July weekend he ate 13 Hunter Hot Dogs at the old Busch Stadium remains one of his proudest achievements.  Father of two, he looks forward to many outings to Nats Park with his kids as they grow up.  His current Nats Park favorite is the Fried Bologna Sandwich at Blue Smoke paired with ice cold Miller Lite.


smoke-weaverRaised by a pack of Washington Post reporters and editors.  He was born the year the Senators left town, and looked north to Baltimore for his hardball heroes. Swelled with native pride when the Nats brought baseball back. His youth was blessed by a godfather who made sure he had decent seats for historic moments in DC sports.  Heard the fat lady sing for the Bullets in 1978.  Cheered the Caps to their very first playoffs in 1983.   Bitten by one of Johan Cruyff’s dobermans.  Thinks the Redskins should be owned by the fans, like the Packers.  Survived the Great Baysball Quake of 1989, and expects the earth to move when (not if) the Nats and O’s meet in the World Series.  Known in some quarters as the Go-Go Cat.



As an infant, his family lived on a sailboat and he was saddled with the nickname “Skipper”.  It stuck and he has yet to receive any other moniker.  The family eventually moved to the mean streets of Kensington but his love for the Chesapeake Bay was forever ingrained in his soul.  Raised on O’s, Bullets, Skins and the Terps, he has been a lifelong fanatic.  As a teen, he spent summers fishing and learning the nuance and poetry of baseball through the soothing voice of Jon Miller.  Then came Peter Angelos.  His favorite team was dismantled bit by bit until being an O’s fan was nearly impossible.  As an adult, he has lived in the district for over 20 years.  When the Nationals arrived, it was an easy choice – a new hometown team to love.


TallyThe most interesting fan in the world.

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