The Bryce Is Right Breakfast of Champions


Wait, that is 5 words.  A real mouthful, literally and figuratively.

And it should be noted that when we settled in at The Scrambled Egg Café, it was pure conjecture that let to this becoming the Bryce Is Right Breakfast of Champions.

Mostly because, as I often do, I imagined myself as Bryce Harper at the Scrambled Egg Café and thought—WWBHD (What Would Bryce Harper Do).

For starters, there is Chicken Fried Steak—that is like the atom bomb of breakfast food—it cannot be defeated it can only be destroyed by more of the same.  Using this line of thought, the only thing that could defeat Chicken Fried Steak Eggs Benedict is MORE Chicken Fried Steak Eggs Benedict. With Gold Dust.

Seeing something like that on the menu when one is on the more side of “more hungover” and headed to a day baseball game is something akin to an alcoholic getting locked into the Miller Lite factory for a night, unsupervised.  You think, “This can’t be true” and “someone will wake me up any minute,” but in all reality, THERE REALLY IS CHICKEN FRIED STEAK EGGS M-F-ING BENEDICT!!!!!


Sitting out on the patio on a crisp Spring morning, the others at breakfast quite frankly looked on with amazement as this beautiful creation emerged from the kitchen, or Eden.  Two poached eggs atop petite steak medallions coated in a very crisp batter, topped with gravy and served on top of grilled biscuits.  If I were the cook, I would have dropped the mic.  I topped them with a little hot sauce and wow that made my life. It’s little wonder it took a while to knock out a Monument Dog that day.

Fork tender, coated with gravy and an instant cure to what ails you (unless its cholesterol or heart disease, in which case it is actually the opposite) this breakfast delicacy is not the be missed.

The Scrambled Egg Café is open Monday through Sunday, 7am-2pm (Hey, why mess with dinner when you OWN breakfast), just outside Cocoa Beach in Indian Harbour Beach.  And, for those who wish to live past 50 they have a variety of more healthy options, and if you bring a dog, they’ll bring a bowl of water and make him feel at home.

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