PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Playgirl’s Sexy Steve McCatty

stevemccattyWe’re not sure what effect Bryce Harper’s Under Armour abs of steel have on today’s youth, but as young Orioles fans in the 70’s and 80’s, we were certainly haunted by the image of a sexy, shaggy Jim Palmer wearing nothing but a super snug pair of Jockey underwear.  That ad campaign was a home run on Madison Avenue, spurring the unsettling trend of turning childhood heroes into Chippendale’s dancers.  The mushy, mustachioed man-whore in this week’s “Photo of the Week” is none other than Steve McCatty, former “Amazing A’s”ace – turned veteran Nationals pitching coach.  A beach-ready Space Coast hardbody, McCatty is entering his fifth season in DC this year, engendering trust in the rotation…and lust in the Nats nation.

Please help us a compile a complete list of Steve’s “Turn-On’s” and “Turn-Offs” in the comments.

If you can stand the heat, click here to see the full Playgirl parade of 1980’s diamond studs, as unearthed by Michael Clair of Baseball Prospectus.

And, if you have a strong stomach, you can click here to see Pete Rose in his skivvies and Steve Carlton in a singlet.  We warn you, some things just can’t be unseen.

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